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Trip Schedule


June - August

Last Updated: 23 July  2024  01:40 pm

This is info for anyone wanting great walks through the Waiuku forest. Maybe with grand kids or friends etc etc

The markers are only there until the end of October.  


The tramping weekend group did a walk in on South side (adjoining river) of Waiuku Forest on Sun 1st, and we found that Franklin Endurance Riding Club had put up extremely clear trail markers for their competitions. We completed Trail D - 10km, 3.5 hrs, with lots of stops to visit River, see the multiple "dune lakes" after all the recent rain

Good sandy underfoot conditions - 2 low spots down by rivers edge with water across track but got around by short bush bashing.

Undulating contour in places, but nothing steep. Suitable for all ages - we had 12yr old with us.


The level on temporary trail marking is fantastic - "it's so good it's like a walk in the park, make that a walk in the forest"


So if you would like to introduce yourself, family, kids on holiday, a group of friends etc to the Waiuku Forest it is all marked up.



Enter Forest at end of Chezzies Rd - turn left at NZ Steel Minesite gate onto gravel road - Forest Access gate is open Dawn to Dusk - 0700 to 1800 currently

Follow gravel road until you come to locked gate across road - a large parking / turning circle /loading ramp here, where all the trail options start - Start trails via small horse / bike / pedestrian gate beside the road gate - has sign that says "All Trails" with arrow pointing left.


Trail A = 25Km included both South & North side forested areas, plus Port Waikato / River mouth lookout

Trail B = 20km included both South & North side forested areas, plus Port Waikato / River mouth lookout

 - The North side extension is out & back, so you can just go to lookout & turnback


Trail C = 15 Km - stays within South side, and loops whole area

Trail D = 10km  

Trail C = 6km


Trails A & C together is the 40Km Endurance route for their elite competition, if you are keen & a off road runner go for it


Many thanks to Franklin Endurance Riders for developing & marking the trails - its a "unknown & underutilised West Franklin / Northern Waikato community asset.

Overall Forest map is online at Crown Forestry -  Waiuku Forest Recreational area map (

Removal of event signage is condition of use by Crown Forestry, so at end of Oct, these trail markers will all come down 

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