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Gear Suggestions

Day Trips:

When participating on a day tramp it's important to know what you need to bring:-


DAY PACK:    (10L - 25 L) with the following:

LUNCH:   A packed lunch. The food you bring must be substantial.  Tramping is strenuous so diet or low calorie food                    is NOT appropriate.

SNACKS: Allow snack bars or scroggin mixture for a couple of snacks plus extra for  emergencies.

FLUIDS:    Adequate water for the length of the trip. As a guide a minimum of 600ml.                                                                          More will be required on a hot summers day walk, anything up to 1 - 2 Litres

FOOTWEAR: Tramping boots (or strong shoes for easy tramps). Also suitable socks to ensure comfort and avoid                                  blisters and injury.


DENIM jeans are NOT acceptable. Avoid cotton  clothing.

FIRST AID KIT and WHISTLE/TORCH: Sun block, Band aids, blister blockers.


PERSONAL MEDICATION:  (please advise trip leader BEFORE departure if you have a medical condition).


HAT:  (woollen or sun)


A change of clothes and clean shoes for travelling after the tramp.  Plus a plastic bag for muddy boots.

Overnight Trips: (1-2 nights)


Waterproof pack large enough to hold all your equipment and food (50L - 70L)

Sleeping bag



Dry bag for wet gear

Warm clothing eg fleece garments, polypropylene, etc

a change of clothing and footwear

Woolly hat


Torch or headlight

Thermal longs for winter trips or if above the bushline

Toilet gear incl. toilet paper

Plate and mug and cutlery

earplugs for communal bunkrooms (optional)

Small first aid pack / whistle

For longer Multi Day Tramps, consult with your trip leader if you are unsure with what to bring



Use of Whistle:
Please remember the whistle should be your equipment of choice to attract attention if needed. If anybody falls behind and loses sight of others, feels unwell and must stop for a rest, becomes injured, etc then the agreed call to alert the Trip Leader and others in the party is THREE (3) LONG whistle blasts, REPEATED as necessary.
The Trip Leader and/or others in the party will respond with TWO (2) LONG blasts indicating they have heard and are coming to your aid. It may be helpful in some circumstances that a repeat whistle blast will allow accurate location.

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